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1) Candidates must be students of members in good standing of the     Markham Stouffville Branch of the Ontario Registered Music           Teachers' Association as of March 18th, 2018. Members in 

    good standing are those who are up to date with all ORMTA

     related membership dues.


2) These auditions are open to student instrumentalists and vocalists     from Level 1 to ARCT/LRCM. We welcome repertoire from a         variety of syllabi including popular listings.  Solos, duets and           ensembles are welcome. Please note that duets must performed

    on a single piano (1 piano, 4 hands).


3) Each different arrangement of ensemble performers constitutes a

    separate entry. A single student registering on multiple

    instruments constitutes separate entries.


4) At the audition, each entry may play a maximum of FOUR

     pieces - the total time of which must not exceed 20 minutes

     unless given express permission from the Markham Stouffville        ORMTA Branch President, or if registering as a Young or Zone



5) Payment must accompany the online registration form in order to complete


           registration. Each entry will be a minimum of $25 with longer program times priced as follows:



          $25.00, 0-5 minutes


          $30.00, 5-10 minutes


          $40.00, 10-15 minutes


          $50.00, 15-20 minutes


          $75.00, Zone or Young Artist


         The fee owing will be the sum of the cost of all entries. This entry fee is non-refundable.



6) Candidates must submit a score of the music for the adjudicator at both the audition and


           the recital. This score must be within copyright. Internet purchased sheet music must be

           accompanied with a receipt and newly composed scores must have a note from the

           composer with permission to use it. PHOTOCOPIED MUSIC IS ILLEGAL AND WILL NOT

           BE ACCEPTED WHERE COPYRIGHT LAW IS IN EFFECT. For more information about

           Federal copyright, visit the Copyright Board of Canada at If no music is

           provided, assessment will be at the discretion of the adjudicator.

7) All piano and vocal pieces including studies and duets must be memorized. Piano and

           vocal pieces not memorized will not receive a mark and therefore will not be eligible to

           perform in the Scholarship Recital. Other instrumentalists are not required to play from

           memory, but should provide an additional score for the adjudicator.

8) It is the responsibility of vocalists and instrumentalists to provide an accompanist for

            accompanied repertoire for both the audition and recital.

9) There is no limit to the number of candidates submitted by each MS ORMTA Branch


10) We need a minimum of 6 entries in a unique instrument group (strings, woodwinds, jazz

             piano) to hire a specialized adjudicator.


      11) Performers must be available to audition on the indicated days.  No individual request

            for desired timeframe are permitted.

       12) All teachers will adhere to the adjudicator/scholarship allotment guidelines as ascertained in 

             chapter meetings.   No exceptions will be made after the fact.


If the student selects a piece that is listed as a different grade level between recognized 


conservatory syllabi, please list both grades.



• A multimovement work is considered one selection.


• Students may audition with any number of movements from a particular work


   regardless of examination requirements. Please note that students will only be allowed to


   perform one movement of a multi-movement work at the recital, which will be selected by the


   audition adjudicator.


• If the student is performing a newly composed work that is not yet published, a note


   from the composer must accompany the manuscript.


• If a student performs a piece in a MS ORMTA Scholarship Recital, they are not


  allowed to perform that piece in a subsequent audition.


Audition fees will be paid directly to the applicants teacher, who will in turn reimburse


the Branch and thus will complete the registration process.


• Audition fees are non-refundable.

Audition Results

The audition adjudicator's comments and marks will be written during the audition. No


verbal comments will be given.


• These comments and marks sheets will be returned within a few days to the


  teacher. Students may be invited to perform one of their selections in the Scholarship Recital

  and/or the GTA Zone competition upon the recommendation of the auditions

  adjudicator. Teachers are responsible for communicating these results to their students.

• No student will receive a mark under 70%.


• A minimum mark of 80 is required to be considered for the Scholarship


• Results from the auditions adjudicator are final.

Scholarship Recital

If the student is selected to play in the Scholarship Recital, their teacher will be


notified within a few days of the auditions along with which piece or movement of a piece that


they will be performing. The audition piece or excerpt to be performed will be decided by the


auditions adjudicator.


• Students will only be allowed to perform one movement of a Classical sonata at the


  recital. The movement that is performed will be determined by the audition adjudicator. A


  Bach prelude and fugue is not considered a multimovement work in this case.


• It is the teachers’ responsibility to inform their students about time, date, location and


  dress code for the recital.


• The recital program order will be based on grade level only. No special requests




• All candidates should exhibit a high standard of performance and deportment. We


  have a dress code: no jeans, sneakers or t-shirts.


• Scholarships for outstanding performances during the auditions will be recommended at the discretion 


  of the adjudicator. The adjudicator's decisions are final.


• Each student will receive a maximum of one scholarship at each session except in


  the event that they are part of both a solo and duet performance. In this case they may


  receive two scholarships.


• Scholarship cheques that have not been cashed after 6 months will be deemed a


  donation to the branch.

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