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"To promote excellence in music education, to promote a life-long love of music in our students, and to provide fellowship and professional growth among members."

The Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association (ORMTA) is a not-for-profit provincial organization managed by a volunteer council and comprised of more than 1300 Registered Music Teachers and related members across Ontario.


The aim of the ORMTA is to encourage and provide the highest calibre of music education possible and to promote exceptional standards of music in each community.


To become a Registered Music Teacher (R.M.T.), one must hold a degree or diploma from a recognized university or conservatory, along with established credentials in teaching music, thus ensuring an exemplary level of commitment to professionalism.


Members of the ORMTA have the right to be designated "R.M.T." (Registered Music Teacher) by a Parliamentary Act of 1946 (chapter 131).


ORMTA members also benefit from membership within the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations(CFMTA). The CFMTA is a Canada-wide federation of music teachers encompassing ten provinces and one territory, with over 3500 members nationwide.



The ORMTA was founded in 1885, re-established in 1936, incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 1946, and received charitable status in 2009. ORMTA members are divided among 9 regional zones which are further divided into 33 local branches


The ORMTA organizes and presents a wide range of programs on behalf of its members and their students, both on a local and provincial level. This includes performance competitions, an annual music writing competition, Canada Music Week celebrations, awards to recognize outstanding teaching, conventions, recitals, professional development, and more!

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